Make MY Trip- crapy, horrible, zero service

My wife made the mistake of deciding to buy a Ladakh Deluxe package at an exorbitant price. All they did was book us in a 2nd grade hotel and provide a car for 4 of the 7 days package. There was no guide provided, the driver was a lout and knew hardly any local places wells, the tour manager didn’t know the difference between Ladakh and leg and the hotel food provided was same oily, Indian fare which was boring and not nice to the stomach. They didn’t even provide any tea or water in the rooms and we were forced to buy these at exorbitant costs. It was not easy to contact their representatives at all and even if they could be caught, they would make no effort to keep any of our requests and all we heard was, ‘no this can’t be done, no that can’t be done, we apologies, we are sorry’! We paid Rs. 41000 for 7days.
For the crapy services, the 2nd rated of hotels, the shared car provided, zero service or anything else, it would have cost no more than Rs. 15000/person. They made a heafty profit. The profited from our mistake and we will not make this mistake again, not at least with Make my trip.
We were forced to share the car with a couple who were 68 and 65yr old. The profile of the people who came with Make mY trip were from the semi urban cities, aged 50 or more and somewhat not very sauvy. If we knew these, we wouldnt have gone for it.
So, we didn’t need these cheap, fly by night operators to book a hotel and car for us. We could do it directly at the hotel and there are plenty of operators who will rent cars at fraction of a cost.
What appalled us was their scant regard for our safety. We had to go to Nubra valley which requires us to pass through Khardung la pass at 18000 ft. The road is hazardous to say they least. The road is narrow, curvy and prone to landslide and full of holes. Yet, the driver was sent to pick up someone else at 4am and then he came to take us to Nubra valley which takes about 6hrs. he frequently fell as asleep and we had to ask him to stop and have some tea or something to keep him awake, This is the safety standard of Make My trip and this is how much these shoddy guys care for customers on whose money they live. Make My trip is the new age net dalal, masquadering as modern efficient consumer oriented business. They will not survive for long given how they are cheating and letting down customers like us. I will not touch them with a barge pole and they have earned lot of our bad will.
I will not recommend it for anyone. You should also avoid any dealings with them unless you really are keen to learn from your own mistake.
How best to manage the trips? Book a hotel online or directly with the hotel and book cars and trips individually with either the hotel or with a local agent. You will save lot of money, get better choices and will have lot of flexibilities. I will provide more support if you need, so please drop me a note.