The Japan Itenary - Summer of 2017

We decided to have our holiday in Japan. We knew that we had to decide on the itnary and book the hotels as soon possible to get the best possible deals. Considering this is our first visit to Japan, we pretty much had to do our research from scratch and hence it was to take time. Menwhile, Shrihaan's examinations were upon us and we had to get busy to prepare his in short time as best as we could.
We realized soon that the holiday season in Japan is in April if one whishes to see the cherry blossom, so famous in Japan. We will miss it. However, it also means that we will be avoding bit of crowds and should get to see the shrines', mountains, onsen and the long walks in relative peace.
To decide on the itenary, we first thought through what we want to experience in Japan. We wanted to experience living in Japan for few days, see Zen temples, walk on the many forest trails, climb Mount Fuji, stay in a local inn, stay in silence for few moments in Hiroshima. We wanted to see a fish market where auction take place early morning. We wanted to eat all the Sushi, teriyaki and Salmon that we miss in Mumbai. Based on this, we decided to make the plan for our holiday in Japan.
Hotels are very expensive and it is better sooner the bookings are done. Initially we wanted to stay in many different places but then realized that we will then loose lot of time in checking in and checking out of the hotels. Japan is also not very vast so lot of ground can be covered in a day. Hence we decided to just stay in three different places.
We have 12 days in Japan. The plan is: 15-18th - Tokyo 18-20th - Hakone 20-25th - Kyoto 25-27th - Tokyo
Four nights in Tokyo will be good enough to see the city and bit of its surrounding area. We will be based in Hakone to see mount Fuji, up close. We will then be based in Kyoto and plan to do day trips to Osaka, Nara, Hiroshima and Miyajima.