Pakistan-A failed, misguided, currupt, vicisous scum state

India and Pakistan were born out of undivided India due to sinister conspiracy of the then vanquished British who were on the verge of being thrown out of the continent- this was their final revenge and curse on India- a curse for which India still pays. We paid yesterday with the death of 17 soldiers in Uri- 17 sons, fathers, husbands, bothers, friends, earners of their families were scarified but cowardly, thiefly beasts masquadering as fiyadeen who will get their virgins in hell where they will rot forever. They come from Pakistan with goods made in Pakistan to wreck havoc to peace-loving Indian soldiers. Modi said, the perpetrators will have to pay. Hope they pay dearly. But every politicians are parroting vengences and promising stern actions. These make me squirm. Since no one need to know that perpetrators will pay except the perpetrators and they should know that they are paying the price while they pay the price. I have faith in Modi and the government and this is their acid test and chance to make Pakinstan pay so dearly that Pakistan remembers it while staring impotently at the virgins in hell. What is Pakistan gaining by bleeding India? It is there to see in their pathetic economic, educational, science & technology, cultural state. They are known as theives, rapist, scums to be avoided. But still it is never late. If the sense prevails and they focus on development, they could prosper. But the sense in them needs to be drilled down. India has to do this else India will continue to pay with death of soldiers, innocent criticizes and pack of peace and sleep at night. Hope Modi do justice for which destiny made PM of India. If Modi doesn't do it, the current problem might continue for decades since there is no stonger leader than him who are emerging. India's hope for peace and prosperity lies with Modi. Pakistan's hope for pace and prosperity also lies with him since if he can drill some fear and sense in the heads of Pakistani establishment by making the cost of such misadventure very very high once for all. Praying for peace in the continent.