Grieving with Pakistan

We hate Pakistan for their state sponsored terrorism directed against innocent and unprotected Indians. We hate Pakistan for its use of yettorism to make India bleed, for being coward and sick not to have decency or courange to fight Indian Army.
But the killing of more than hunded of innocent children by Pakistan Taliban horrified us and we felt the pain and sorrow of each of the mother, father and others who lost someone dear from the senseless inhuman, dartadly act by horrible Pakistan Taliban. They dont have religion, dont have any rights to live yet they live only to perpetuate acts for which even their mothers would curse them.
But there is lessions for Pakistan and its army in this horrible experience that even their worst enemy wouldnt want it to happen to them. They must stop beliving that there can be good terrorists too. They must learn to feel the pain, anguish and hurt of Indians on whom they unlease terror using state actors like Hafez Sayed and Lakvi. They through that they can control and manipulate a corba, no one can lit a fire and believe that someday it would consume them as well.
Whay must Pakistan do to have a peaceful life for itself and India and other nebourges? 1. Elliminate all terrorisms mercilessly. Be true, honest and cooperate with India, US and other countries to operate the cancer spreading from its soil 2. Make peace withthe historic fact of birth of Bangladesh. We, specially ones born around or after 1971 dont feel proud of what happened then. Anyone who knows history knows that leaders in west Pakistan and their oppresive actions were the reason for birth of Bangadesh. 3, Stop seeking revenge through ashmir. Please understand even if you are succesful in creating chaos there, India would then seek revenge for next decades still it get it and the cycle will continue. In the process people of both countries will suffer. 5. India doesnt have any urge to dominate the region. Indians are peaceloving people who wish to prosper as a countries and we understand prosperous neighbours are good for us. 6. Seek economic growth and become strong morally
Time for PAkistan to destroy the cancer of terrorism. If it doesnt heed the writing in the wall then they will continue to repent it in time to come.