Cyrus Mistry - the public dirty linen washing man

When Cyrus Mistry was hand picked at the young age of 44 yrs, he felt enormous joy and found no wrong why he was choosen ahead of many other senior, long serving capable veterans! He acted like he truly deserved it! He felt no need to fault the decision of Ratan Tata!
Today he is shown the door unceremoniously and without a common and traditional coutsey extended to him to ease his pain of losing the plump position. What he does to react? He goes to press blaming all sort of wrong doings Tata's and their companies were involved in? Why now? All these so called wrong doings happened when he was at the helm and choose to do nothing!! Suddenly now that he is sacked, he sense of morality and ethic got awakened! And media being what it is, a cheap, thrill checking commercial lapdog of a profession, it is lapping up all the salacious stories! I believe the sacking has made Mistry an ethical man and so it was required for his soul! If he exposed and corrected any perceived wrong doings of Tata's when he was at the help, he would have been then lauded as the man f destinity! He choose wrong timing for what he is doing- not a right characteristic for the man at help of such a large conglomerate!
In doing so and reacting so, he is proving how small the person he is and also proving that indeed Ratan Tata and his board made the right decision.
Tata is an institution and largely known for their ethical and doing well for the society ways of corporate governance. Whatever the reality may be, Mistry has no right to destroy it in the minds of common people who need to believe there is aleast some good is left in this fractured world and Tata is one of the few left with it's reputation. He will do well to go back from where he came, obscurity!
Please have humility to accept, forbearance to be graceful in defeat and then you will rise like a sphinx! Pleas take the personal challenge of building something even bigger, bolder corporate entity to prove them all wrong! Please stop crying like a baby from whose hand the lollypop has been snatched!
He will do well just to shut up and not prove again and again to the world at large the smallness of the person that he is!!