Trump will ruin America we admired

All these days, I always believed that American election process is very robust to weed out the weak, characterless, corrupt, pathetic ones and so it gets a president who has some values, aspiration, vision and goodwill of the people. But world has changed in last fifty years. The biggest change is the all pervasiveness of the media, it's reach and lack of censor where anyone can peddle their thoughts, however hollow, destructive these may be. It has made it a lethal weapon at the hand of corrupt, greedy people like Trump who can shape the thinking of common people whichever way it best serve his own purpose. It seems like there is a war going on at some part of the world, to a large extent these are engineered either to secure energy (Iraq),contain enemies (China containment in SEAA) or just to get the arm industry going in America and Europe. But fortunately there was not a large war which has touched the lives of people living in EU and America. So they lack the sense of history and personal loss. The EU project was to prevent another world war and it served its purpose for last fifty years. Yet now people having short memories believe the cost of EU is too much and so EU is a failed project. The politics in all nation is full of people making a living at any cost, have no conviction or character. These people are there somehow to grab power and secure their future. Doing something noble, large, lasting takes time and character and something beyond these politicians. Every society has people who are living a mundane lives, seething in frustration n anger and helplessness. They grudge the people who are successful. The low lives like Nigel Farage, Trump and their ilks have figured out how to tap these people and make them drunk with a sense of power that they can throw out the established order and teach the perceived enemies a lesion. They fail to understand that they are being used by these people to secure power and they will be juiced out. Trump will ruin America. He will stifle the media and manipulate it. He will spread corruption, use bribery to make deals he wants, dole out favours and go after people who he perceive are against him or a threat to his power. Everybody has a price and so more and more people will want to benefit from him. In years to come, America risk becoming like Syria, Turkey or any such countries. All these can happen if people of America sit tight and do nothing to stop Trump now. Everyday with Trump as president is taking away a bit of America from them and going to larger and large hole from which it will be more and more difficult to come out. People must rise and rise immediate.