Aladin's untold story of Zaffar - Stale, ameturise waste

Aladin's untold story at Canvas Laungh Club, Palladium Mall, Lower parel - a totally stale,ameturise fare with no story -told or untold. What is untold is how vacuous the concpt, the excution of a promise not kept.
There was no story, no mystery and just lame attempt at filling the hour. The core idea is that it takes little to make evil Zaffar into a good person and one should be good. The cast consist of youung innocent faces who I guess are all with good intents and are committed. They just are just wasting their time and the unsuspecying out time in doing the hotch potch affirst. It was neither a play nor a musical- it was just nothing. The guy who did the Genie had dance in his bones and was bit entertaining and need to find a better role in a better place. The price was stiff and it ended just after one hour for whichw e felt relief. It was so boring that even just after 10 mins, I started repenting to have decided to see it an there after felt rather sleepy.
We have seen so many plays @ Prithvi and NCPA and not even one play is there which we didnt enjoy and came back with a feeling different and higher than the ones we live with as routine. We all wish that there should be more venues for plays and musicals but such ameturise performance charging exorbitant price makes the paying makes us wary to vist such new places. The cost of time and money is just not worth it. As such this show at Canvas Laugh cafe did a huge discervice to the cause of experimental theater.