Visiting Leh- Ladakh, Jammu Kashmir- 5-13th July, 2014

Summer vacation is always a time to travel. It was easier to decide on the places to go when we were in Manila or Bangkok since there was plenty of nice places to go with easy access. India doesnt have decent infrastructure, places are crowded, hygeine and safety is a concern. Also given the polulation, most of the tourist destinations are crowded.
We also wanted it to be not so well trodden place. Considrering the above, we decided to go to Ladakh. We decided on the place, booked the hotel and flight tickets. As the day of travel neared, we did lot of research and increasing got worried. It was good that we had made the travel arrangments before the research else we might not have gone there. It was one of the best trip we have even made. One of the toughtest too. Its on a mountain range at a height of 11500 ft. We live in places closer to the sea level and not used to high altitude. High altitude cuauses ailemnts and disconftures associated with lack of oxygen. It can be fatal too and its not a place for people who arent fit. It takes time to get used to that environment. However, if you are reasonably fit and give time to get acclimatized, it is a place worth visiting. There is no place like Ladakh on earth!
We survived and came back with a wealth of great memories and with a lingering wish at heart to go there again. To be continued....