UK Poll results - Am Happy

Born in summer of 1969, I always believed in the march of globalization. I believed that borders and countries are man made and one day, we all will live in a global village. I thus always found romance in living even for few days on holiday in different countries (So far, India, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malyasia, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Holland, UK, France, Italy, Brazil, South Africa, UAE, USA, China, HongKong, Macau, soon Japan), when I travel, I make it a point to eat the local food, buy the local spices, walk for hours on the pavement of the cities and chat with any one local I can (mostly cabbies!). Yet, suddenly the world order is changing at an unnerving velocity. Borders are being shut, people are becoming jingoist and want to live local for local. The free movement of people, thoughts and ways of living are more and more difficult.
The politicians and people in power are to be blamed for this. As countries prospered, the prosperity was never equitable. The divide between rich and poor went on increasing. This was always there in history but what was not known in exactly how opulent the lives of rich were before to many of the have nots. Today, thanks to internet and news 24/7, more and more of the excesses of the riches are known to more people. This has led to heightened resentments. This is spotted and exploited by sick, valueless, unscrupulous shitheads like Trump, Boris Jonshon and Theresa May. Or they think that they can grab power by pandering the hopelessness, selfishness in common men. Some of them are successful for sometimes but life is fair and great sanitizers and hence it is guaranteed that they will be in the dustbins of history as pests to be reviled, hated and examples of what a son and daughter ought not become.
Hence Im so delighted that Theresa got the tight, very tight slap that she so richly deserved in the UK poll. She was in the shadows and a remainers and home secy. when the other fool before her, Cameron Chillax Jones got his slap in the referendum that led to Briexit, May got her chance to do the right things. But doing right thing is not her thing. She promptly became the godmother of Brexit and thought that would make permanent PM of Britain, UK be damned. She calls a election to seal it but realize british people may be nuts, living in silos but not utterly hopeless in their thinking as it turned out. She lost the majority making us all very happy. This hopefully set the base for the remainers to take control back and make Briexit history. Our future lies in cooperation and living in harmony. The world needs peace and security which can only usher prosperity. Anyone opposing this will be taught a lesson and pay a heavy price. Like May just did, Boris did before her, Le penn did in france and Trump will surely do soon.