Ban All Cola

One of the most useless and harmful product that is taught to be loved by our most vulnerable, us and elders is Cola- the soda full of sugar that is proven to be the main cause for obesity and diabetes. Yet, it is advertised like there is no tommrrow, sold every where and taxed nominally that it is sold at affordable price points that everyone can indulge in it being in self denial or ignorant of its harmful effects.
Cola business thrives on our craving for junk foods, indulgence without a care and believe that we are immortal and junk food and cola only kill others. a fizzy drink full of sugar and acidic enough to clean our toilets have managed to sell itself to us a symbol of having a good time! This is criminally aimed at kids to recruit ill guided consumers for life.
An enormous amount of water is also wasted to make the cola and an enormous amount of energy is wasted to keep it chilled through out the supply chain. It is something ripe for banning to have a more sustainable earth.
What should be done? 1. Impose increasing tax on this product to make it eventually prohibitively costly 2. A sustained communication should be done to inform consumers about its ill effect 3. Cola companies are known to cultivate policy makers to shape the believe- it should be made a criminal offence having long terms in jails. 4. Treat it as we treat cigarettes. 5. All form of advertisement and solicitation should be banned
Its high time we raise our voice against those who are trading this sugared soda to get back the social health and more towards a more sustainable world.