Narendra Modi must be careful

I always believed that Modi was last hope for India and I stand vindicated that he is the best that could have happened to India. No one is perfect and he is the most perfect among all the politicians in India. The biggest thing he has given India is corruption free India. We must not underestimate this. He is right in addressing the smaller issues first. He is working to plug all the holes in the system so that government have more money to spend on development. We can say he plays to the gallery but the world leaders are no fools and they would not succumb to his charm without seeing merit in his what he says. Im very disappointed on three aspects: 1. The religious bigotry of his party men: A Muslim is killed on a rumour in Dadri. There are fools uttering religious nonsense from time to time and they aren't being reigned. Muslim threat is real in India if they continue to be illiterate, poor and so vulnerable to ill intentioned mullahs. Development and a uniform civic code is what can same India in the long run. Modi doesn't seem to be focusing on these and he must act and show visible results in this regard. 2. India is a shit place to live today because of the population. Unplanned population lead to poverty and its a vicious cycle. While pushing for development and education, government must do everything to control the population growth. A economic, educational criteria must be put in place for one to have 1 or 2 kids. There must be penalties for everyone having more than 2 kids. Mindless procreation cannt be birthright if India has to find its place under the sun. 3. If Modi doesn't solve PK problem, no one in coming decades will be able to do it. PK is a historic problem that is poised to bleed us for decades to come. A political solution must be found so PK can also prosper and the cost of their misadventure become mind bolggingly high. I'm very disappointed that Modi is failing in all these account and spending time on drumming up euphoria alone while taking small small steps towards progress. We need some decisive actions Modiji, please wake up and do justice to the historicv role India and her destiny is asking you to play.