American Hypocracy

A white 64year old, casino loving male kills 58 cold blooded in Las Vegas. It is termed as lone wolf attack by someone who may have become bit insane. May be he had a rage in him which got expression. There is talk of gun legislation, no outcry on how it was allowed to happen, the FBI is not hauling the church he used to go, FBI is not arresting all his friends and prostitutes. There is calmness all around. Its almost like some natural calamity has befallen which we have to bear with fortitude. Like hurricanes, it has happened before and with this attitude it will surely happen again. There is not much debate and analysis on how it was allowed to happen, who is responsible and more critically how this should be the last such occurrence.
If it was done by a Muslim or a ethnic immigrant, the response would have been violent, shrill and affirmative. They entire community would have been persecuted, they would have been targeted with hate crimes, their freedom would have been questioned and curtailed, their regiogious places would have been desecrated and violated.
No wonder America is in decline. Its decline started the day it through it was serving it own interest by supporting rouge states like Pakistan and dictators around the world. A nation need to be just and have to have a pure heart to be able to maintain relevance. America doent have it and so it is in decline. How else on justifies that it elected Trump as president? And then I came across this, so true: "The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but very few people have actually talked about them. You have to hand it to America. It has exercised a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good. It's a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis." - --Harold Pinter, 2005 Nobel Lecture
There is still time and I feel it is in the interest of the world we must pray that America find its mooring and religion since the alternatives are ghastly. China twin stooges like Pakistan and North Korea? Russia with Putin and its history at help? May's UK having leaders like Boris and Cameron? Where is this world heading to?
Someone has to play a leadership role for the world order to be maintained. Who and where is he?

I deactivated my Facebook account today

Anything grows if it serves a need of people and so Facebook has grown at massive rate. An corporate worth its salt will have it at the top two channel for communication in their digital strategy. Its user ship is huge and growing.
I have seen it grow and change for the worse. It is indeed a business venture and it has a legitimate mate right to earn $ but it has done so through selling unsuspecting sellers data to corporates who target them to sell their ware.
It is a creepy place now. I may want to travel to Bali and do some searches to book a hotel and search for places to visit. I do all the bookings and am done with it. Yet for next several days in FB, I will be bombarded with innumerable sales pitch focused on Bali. Same way, I have done some searches of illicit affairs and for several weeks subsequently I was bombarded with news, sites, deals on that. It is now just like e-bay or amazon only it doesn't have their expertise and have lofty pretense of building communities! They market metrics they use to peddle their so called community is often found to be fudged.
It has always been toxic and given birth to generations who would do things so can appear chic, cool, rich, happening in FB. Its not real. Looking at it before people would go into depression and manic rush to do something happening to perk up their life even if it meant nothing to their soul.
And it has sold its soul to make cheap money. It sold adv to Russians to meddle in the election in Germany!! FB is nothing but prostitution in another name. Most of my friends no longer post anything meaningful there. Im done with it. An organization last if it has a purpose other than making money by any means. FB will not be around in another decade if it cannt reinvent itself with authenticity.