A sane warning to PM Narendra Modi

Dear Mr. Modi, We have given you a massive historic mandate ro serve India and take India to growth and proeperity. We were disgusted with spineless congress and other oppsition parites and desparate hopeless India found a glimmer of home in you. We believed in you and believed you will deliver and help India prosper. We still think you are honest, well intentioned and a very strong leader. You are well above the team you lead in temrs of personality. You have spned more than 100 days as MP. We are now getting worrying sign if you will be capable of delivering all that you promised. We also see you becoming a rocksterm in Madison square and trying to take centre stage in world forum. We are worried if India is shining or Namo is shining. India is not shining and on ground nothing has changed. On ground, there is no tangible improvement yet on anything. Cities are still dirty, people are shitting everywhere, inflation continue to remain where it was few months back, roots of curruption are still very much embedded in our society and systems, industrial growth is still stunted, policing is still pathetic. I visited Varanasi and saw everyone is making it dirtier every moment. There is no sign that anything has changed in India. Except perhaps punters are punting with enthusiasm in stock market fooling small investors and making mockery of hope you raised. What have you done so far? You gave MPs vip access to airlines and got rid of few inconvenient and yes, incompetent governments. Yes, you have given strong messages to neighbouring countries and have reached out to the world leaders. But India the way it is today with problems galore cannt take the world stage the way you are projecting it shape the world view. They say that you seems to have lost the plot and I suspect you never had a plot.
You bragged India is a young country but you conveniently forgot that a large percentage of these youths are not employable. Our education system is in tarters and money making machine that churn out graduates who evetually feel happy if they get employed as a janitor or peon today. You are promoting make in India but look at our roads, look at our work ethics and you will know the corrctions and the dream has to be build on a foundation on which we need to work a lot. Our cities are crubling and there is no joy in living in anywhere today in India. This is fact. Look at the quality of lives even in countries like Thailand and Vietnam and you will know how far behind India is in aspects that matter. USA may give you a rockstar welcome but it would mean nothing today since India doesnt have the economic, political or security muscle so as to be euqal partner to her. India has a long long hourney ahead if it has to demand and get her place under the sun. You travelling on our money and demanding that India be taken seriously in your designer Kurta would soon become a joke in all the world captitals. Crimes are rampant and police force is paid peanut so they are what ther are today. Poverty is still rampant. The poor sell their wives and daughters to get some food on the floor everyday. We understand your intentions are good but intensions are nothing without solid actionable and transparent plan. There is nothing we have seen so far. We are cynical since starting from Nehru to Manu Singh-everyone has let us down so far and we dared to have faith that you would be different.
What we wish to see: 1. Low inflation and lower cost of living 2. Improvement in quality of living 3. Visible motivated policing and reduction crime 4. Overhauling of the education system 5. Population control 6. Stronger Army-pride of our nation 7. Good public toilets 8. Ellimination of currption 8. Plan for ellimination in poverty 9. Better infrastructure
Please take a pause and have a dream that can be delivered. You have got a historic chance to help India change for the better and you are in a way India's laat hope in coming decades. Please dont let down 1.2Bn People, their hope and aspirations. Please show us the plan and show us progress. Please.

Durga Pujo in Mumbai

I have celebrated Durga Pujo, the yearly festival for the bengalee's in Baruipur, Kolkata, Manila, Bangkok and Mumbai. One thing I have grwon to like is the Durga Puja in Mumbai. Its true there is nothing like Durga Puja in Kolkata. It is in the air and one can start discussing the coming Puja one month before it actually happen. The city and state will also go on 10 day holiday to celebrate it. Its true that in Mumbai oe cannt feel it in the air and one need to have a circle to really experience the joy of Durga Puja. However, in Mumbai there are many puja in different places and one can have Vog in any of the Puja pandals. There are cultural programs in the evening and there would bengali delicacies through at an exorbitant price. Its bit sad that this year the Puja will be shorter since Austami and Navami are in the same day. Its a pity that we dont have holidays in Mumbai on this occasion. The purity and the orginal meaning of this festival is getting lost with passing days and now it is more of an commercial extravaganza. Good thing in Mumbai that most of the successful singers and actors are the force behind the Puja in their localities and that way there is a venue to experience home much away from home. One need to exeprience the festivals of people to understand the history of the people and Durga puja is affirmation of Bengals heritage, aspiretion and indication of its culture.