Arsenal - winning doesnt make the business case!

2016 was the year when Arsenal had the best chance to win the premier league. They missed the opportunity lacking in hunger, guile, grit and passion to be champions. They are artists and when they play to their potential, the game becomes sublime. But they don't win trophies and being a fan, I have started hating then for the session. Then came the transfer window and all the clubs with self respect and passion for the trophy splurged big to make a team ready for the battle for supremacy. Arsenal make few half hearted attempt and buys no one worthy enough to give it a fair chance to win the trophy. The session is just one game over and it is already known that Arsenal will not win the trophy, it will be lucky to be in top four and likely it will end the session being ranked 8-10. I have now come to the conclusion that Arsenal management does' want to win the trophy since it doesn't make business sense for them. The ROI they aspire to met by being within top four which they have been doing last few years rather easily. They are conservative, lacks the ability to take risk and hence they would not invest in what it takes to win trophies. In the process, it will always be a team of talented artists who will be pitied and will not be champions unless there is a change in management and winning is prioritized. That day does not appear to any where near.