Haider @ Growel Mall

Vishal Bharadwaj is the first Bollywood Director whose movies henceforth I will want to watch everytime he makes a Movie. Haider - loved it. It is a tragic violent love story- innocent, illecit, full of grey. It higlights the tragedy in Kashmir, the beuatiful valley of mountain people, flower and snow. The normal people everywhere want the same - a safe peceful life of laughter and prosperity. The separetist in Kashmir dont want azadi or freedom - they want subservience to Pakistan, That is the sad truth of the Kashmir issue. If Pakistan stop its cowardly, illegal and inhuman policy of sacrificing Kashmir to satisfy its illecit desire to bleed India, the kashmir issue will be solved in no time and the bueatiful place can go on living being a haven for beauty. Revenge is not answer to anything and it only fuels the cynical cycle of violence. For the lasting peace and prosperity, everyone must keep the bigger vision in mind that the common people has a right to live in peace and happiness and everyone must strive towards it. The Doctor is hand in glove with the militants. He is exposed by his wife egged on by his brother in law who desires her. She sleep with him and marries when her husbands death is confirmed. Haider understands and revolts and wishes revenge for the death of his father sacrificed at the alter of separetist movement. This is coming of age work for Shahid Kapoor and Tabu again reminds how desirable an ageing woman can be. But for the violence, loved everything about Haider. Admired the sheer audacity of dream and execution of the story by Vishal Bhardwaj- an amaging star is born.