Control India's Population - Namo

This is an open letter to PM Naredra Modi.
I admire and appreciate all the right steps being taken to address the owes that plague India and undo the rape of India by Congress past decades. We are very hopeful that you will be able to turn the tide and make India get back its self resect and place in the world order. However, I believe there is no recognistion of the core issue and if it not addressed then whtever is done will be too little and am afraid the cities may shine but the real progress for all will not be achieve. I see no recognisition of the fact that the unhindered grwoth of population is the real problem. There is no policy and attempt to address this cancer.
One would argue population growth is equivalent to grwoth in Human resource and so should be desrable. This is folling ourselves. Its is not the quantiy that matters but its the quality which defines the destiny of a nation and one need to look at India to understand the peril of rapant population grwoth. The cities and town are bulding at the rim and one cannt walk anywhere without conformting human waste. This is the sad reality of today.
Its unfortunate but a fact that the poor and illeterate got more children that then educated and the realtively well off and it is the visicous circle which is not arrested which resulted in the sad state of affair in India today. We have courses and classes for everything but none for parenting.
A certain level of education and quality of life is esential to have the right for procreation. Procreation must have some meaning and it wouldnt be result of sex without protections.
Family planning must be made integral part of goverance. A two child policy cutting across religions must be made a law immediately.
The rate of muslim population is India is grwoing alarmingly and in next 10years, the himdus will become minority. So the dream of Caliphat is not really an absurd dream, it is a certainty if the rate of population grwoth is not addressed.
The social unrest, the terrorism is also result of population growth. The yourths lacking in eudcation and having no skills and means to have a decent life would find it attractive and believe that terrorism is the wya to their salvation. Terrorism is nothing but a business in which the gullible, uneducated yourths are the raw material to be sacrified. This over deacdes will bear fruit and ensure that the future genretations will have a meaningful life of some abundance.
The rampant population growth is also leading to issues globally and at some point the earth will not be able to support it which will lead to natural disasters that will lead to death and misery to human race. In the worst case, it can lead to extinction of human race altogether.
Im surprised that goverment is paying no heed to this issue at all. High time Namo start addressing the issue for the sake of India and the world.