Modi's shortcuts, middle class disenchantment

Even before Modi own the election to become prime minister, I considered and advocated to all who would care to listen, that Modi was our last hopein India for decades to come and I have largely been proven right. Modi has attempted to do many things right but he is also very prone to taking short cuts and believe in appeasement of masses (pretty much like the so call communists) to secure his vote bank even at the cost of national interests(it works, his success in UP proves that) at the cost of tax paying middle class could lead to his eventual electotal defeat. The masses who he is appeasing wouldn't write the history, history will be written by the tax paying middle class who has borne the brunt of his increasingly burdensome tax laws and started hating him. Modi is taking reckless shortcuts. The loan waiver given to everyone to win UP election will burden the exchequer for ever, it will encourage everyone to take loan and don't pay back leading the banks to go deeper in red. This is a cancer that will spread to rest of India. Now for every election, Modi will have to promise a loan waiver. This is loot of tax payer's money and not Modi's money- Modi will do well to remember that. he should do a white paper to explain why this is done if his conscience is clear. I know rhis will not happen since there is no justification apart from the guile to win elections at any cost. Every other political party has indulged in it but then Modi was expected to be different. He is not.
Modi needs to generate funds for his work of giving better quality of life for the poor who will pay back with votes to stay in power. Nothing wrong in this approach except that Modi has decided to fund this solely by taxing the middle class who only pays tax. Modi is avoiding the otherways to generate cash who will arguably require him to do hard work.
1. Stop wastage - Just by looking at Mumbai roads that require repairing after every monsoon and no matter who is in power (even now as Fadnavis is in power), it is clear how much money is drained or siphoned off by unscrupulous politicians and contractors. There are laws and Modi should implement these so all form of wastage is avoided totally. If Modi runs a online forum where people of India could point out such rape of tax payers money, Mod can get a list of things that he could do to stop the pilferage of government funds. This is simple to do but requires courage and spine. Will Modi take this up?
2. All government jobs are filled with people in their 40s and 50s, many of who haven't done a honest days work for a long time. Government jobs are known as a secure, relaxed way of earning and enjoying life. He should run a VRS scheme and replace each of the 2 Babu's with one young person, this will reduce the salary burden drastically and yet increase the efficiency in all the government organizations.
3. There are many many wealthy people in business, agriculture who don't pay tax. Bring them to the tax net.
4. Many of the government companies are loss making. He could work to make these profitable to generate cash.
5. A policy to reduce population and its implementation is a must. Number of children per family must be capped at two. Population control in the long run will reduce the burden on the exchequer.
6. Focus on education. Illiteracy is like cancer that is holding back India. Education will make the people job worthy and in turn less dependent on government largess.
All these are known. Yet, Modi focuses only on increasing tax for those who already pays tax. That is easiest to do and Modi does not care for them is the message. Being part of those who are being mercilessly taxed, I doubt if I will vote for BJP next time.