Such a sad state of being

The british society is known for it libertine ways, easy morality epitomised by staggeting groups of guys and babes going around many city centres in drunken stupor. What follows and what happens everyday is not left to anyones imagination. Sex is just another physical act in England and many European countries.
But still its appaling how Ched Evan's who is accused to rape and done jain term is hailed a hero and supported while the girl he and his friend raped is haunted and hunted. Her sole crime to have got drunk and got raped by Evans and McDonald. It is indeed difficult for us to believe the that a girl will have any morality who goes around late in nights drunk and then goes with a guy she met in a Kebab shop. She made her mistak a paid for it.
It is more so to believe her accusaton rape given she is part of such a permissisive society. She didnt benefit from any compensation whatsoever so she is honest and really got modesty outraged.
Ched Evans is getting back his footballing career and the girl he raped is trying to just live after changing her name and residence. Ched Evans took away her everything yet will swagger around n British society parhaps another day he would the same again for now he knows there would be hardly penalty for him for rape. He should be the one struggling to build his life back after the crime. Yet such the sadd state of British scosity today that the girl he raped has to jsutify her existance. Her mother dead now and her father has just sent out an appeal for Ched to own up to his act. Ched Evans says it was consensual but he exited the hotel room using a fire escape after the act. We all settle out bills in this live and Im sure Ched will have to pay for his crime. But I worry for the girl for she may have run out of options to hide and someday might commit suicide. Ched Evans and his supporter will be responsible for that. I hope it never happens but the guilt knowing one is responsible for someone else's suicde is known to be living hell. So there is still time for Ched and his supporters to say sorry and give the girl to live as normal a life she best possibly can.

Aladin's untold story of Zaffar - Stale, ameturish waste

Aladin's untold story at Canvas Laungh Club, Palladium Mall, Lower parel - a totally stale,ameturish fare with no story -told or untold. What is untold is how vacuous the concpt, the excution of a promise not kept.
There was no story, no mystery and just lame attempt at filling the hour. The core idea is that it takes little to make evil Zaffar into a good person and one should be good. The cast consist of youung innocent faces who I guess are all with good intents and are committed. They just are just wasting their time and the unsuspecying out time in doing the hotch potch affirst. It was neither a play nor a musical- it was just nothing. The guy who did the Genie had dance in his bones and was bit entertaining and need to find a better role in a better place. The price was stiff and it ended just after one hour for whichw e felt relief. It was so boring that even just after 10 mins, I started repenting to have decided to see it an there after felt rather sleepy.
We have seen so many plays @ Prithvi and NCPA and not even one play is there which we didnt enjoy and came back with a feeling different and higher than the ones we live with as routine. We all wish that there should be more venues for plays and musicals but such ameturise performance charging exorbitant price makes the paying makes us wary to vist such new places. The cost of time and money is just not worth it. As such this show at Canvas Laugh cafe did a huge discervice to the cause of experimental theater.